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Our Services

Regency Air Charter is a world-wide broker of private aircraft charter. We arrange everything from single flights to highly complex and flexible itineraries. Most importantly, we provide a dedicated and truly 24/7 service.

All flights are complex matters, and the best solution for any one client requirement is always quite unique: there is no template for private flying. That's why our comprehensive knowledge of aircraft operators, aircraft and airports always saves our clients time and money – often a substantial amount. The mutual trust and esteem that we have established with aircraft operators all over the world allow us closely to oversee all aspects of a client's journey. Only a highly experienced brokering service can protect customers against the problems that can arise from the vagaries of nature, technical breakdown, and the complex pre-positioning networks that most modern operators employ: we always know precisely what immediate options are avalable should a client's needs change; we always plan carefully for all eventualities. It is our belief that we simply put more thought into the entire process than anyone else.

For a seamless experience, we are also happy to arrange limousine transfers to and from your flights.

We are also highly experienced in the field of medical repatriation flights, worldwide. For more information on this highly specialized capability, please see our ‘Air Ambulance’ page.

Or, for further information about the scope, cost and value of our services, please see our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page, in particular ‘What are the main benefits of private charter?’.

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