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Aircraft Guide: Very Light Jets
Cessna Citation Mustang (4 Passengers) The Citation Mustang is the first of a new breed of affordable aircraft known as very light jets. It provides comfortable seating for four passengers, with a cruise speed of 400mph and the ability to operate at up to 41,000ft, well above the worst of any weather. It has good-sized baggage compartments in both the nose and tail, and presents an economical choice for shorter trips around the UK and Europe of up to 2 and a half hours.
Cabin Width 4ft 7 inches (1.39 ms)
Cabin Height 4ft 6 inches (1.37 ms)
Cabin Length 9ft 9 Inches (2.97m)
Baggage Capacity 57 ft3 (1.61m3)
Typical Range 1,130 nm
Embraer Phenom 100 (4 Passengers) The Phenom 100 is built by the very successful Brazillian manufacturer Embraer, which has over 40 years experience of building an excellent range of airliners. The Phenom has the tallest cabin in its class and provides comfortable seating for 4 passengers. The aircraft flies at a maximum altitude of 41,000ft at a maximum speed of 437mph.
Cabin Width 5ft 1 Inch (1.55m)
Cabin Height 4ft 11 Inches (1.50m)
Cabin Length 11ft (3.35m)
Baggage Capacity 71 ft3 (2.0 m3)
Typical Range 1,173 nm

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