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Aircraft Guide: Super Midsize Jets
Cessna Citation Sovereign (8-9 Seats) The Citation Sovereign is a luxurious and spacious mid sized jet, with a separate lavatory, separate galley, and a huge baggage hold. It can fly at altitudes of up to 45,000ft, well above the worst of any weather, and at a maximum cruise speed of 528mph. Usually available with the option of a flight attendant.
Cabin Width 5ft 7 inches (1.7m)
Cabin Height 5ft 8 inches (1.74m)
Cabin Length 24ft 2 inches (7.37m)
Baggage Capacity 100ft3 (2.83m3)
Typical Range 2,846nm
Cessna Citation X The Citation X is the largest and fastest of the very well known Cessna Citation range of aircraft and remains the fastest civilian jet currently in production, with a top speed of MACH 0.92 (600mph). The aircraft has an excellent maximum range of 3,700 statute miles and can fly at 51,000ft, well above airline traffic, thus aleviating route congestion / air traffic control slot delays.
Cabin Width 5ft 7 inches (1.7m)
Cabin Height 5ft 8 inches (1.73m)
Cabin Length 23ft 11 inches (7.29m)
Baggage Capacity 82ft3 (2.30m3)
Typical Range 3,216nm
Bombardier Challenger 300 (8 Passengers) The Challenger 300 is really quite an exceptional super midsize jet, which has a very comfortable stand up cabin, and luxurious seating. The aircraft has excellent short take off and landing qualities, and usually cruises at 530mph, at altitudes of up to 41,000ft.
Cabin Width 7ft 2 inches (2.19m)
Cabin Height 6ft 1 inch (1.85m)
Cabin Length 28ft 7 inches (8.72m)
Baggage Capacity 106ft3 (3.00m3)
Typical Range 3,100nm
Gulfstream 200 (8-10 Seats) The Gulfstream 200 boasts an extremely generous stand up cabin, together with a huge baggage capacity. It has an incredible maximum range, and a typical cruise speed of 540mph. Its maximum cruise altitude is 45,000ft.
Cabin Width 7ft 2 inches (2.18m)
Cabin Height 6ft 3 inches (1.91m)
Cabin Length 24ft 5 inches (7.44m)
Baggage Capacity 150ft3 (4.2m3)
Typical Range 3,900nm

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