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Aircraft Guide: Long Range Executive Jets
Dassault Falcon 7X (11-15 Seats) This exceptional three engined jet is the very latest addition to the extremely succesful Falcon range of aircraft, built by the French manufacturer Dassault, with over 40 years of experience of building fighter jets... The 7X is in fact the first executive jet to employ full ‘Fly By Wire’ controls, as seen in the Airbus group of airliners. It has very good take off and landing performance; this allows it to use many of the smaller regional airports. It has the certification necessary to operate in and out of London City Airport (the approach to which is steep). The 7X has a 6ft 2 inch ‘stand up’ ultra-quiet cabin, with a fully enclosed lavatory, and a full galley. Even at the maximum operating altitude of 51,000ft, the 7X maintaines a cabin pressurised to a 6,000ft atmosphere, 2,000ft less than most jets (including airliners), thus increasing passenger comfort and reducing fatigue.
Cabin Width 7ft 8 inches (2.34m)
Cabin Height 6ft 2 inches (1.88m)
Cabin Length 39ft 1 inch (11.91m)
Baggage Capacity 140ft3 (4.0m3)
Typical Range 5,909nm
Bombardier Global 5000/6000/Global Express/Global Express XRS (12-18 Seats) This exceptional range of aircraft from Bombardier set the standard in the ultra-long-range market, with their extremely spacious and well designed interiors. The newer model, the XRS, raises the bar again, offering incredible levels of comfort in its longer 48ft cabin. It even has an aft stateroom. It offers state of the art entertainment and satellite communications, and has a large and fully equipped galley to enable a huge range of catering options during long intercontinental flights. Its typical cruise speed is 564mph, and its ‘high-speed cruise&rqsuo; speed is 590mph. Maximum operating altitude: 51,000ft.
Cabin Width 8ft 2 inches (2.49m)
Cabin Height 6ft 3 inches (1.91m)
Cabin Length Global: 42ft 5 inches (12.94m)
XRS: 48ft 4 inches (14.7m)
Baggage Capacity 325ft3 (9.2m3)
Typical Range Global: 5210nm
XRS: 6,150nm

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