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Aircraft Guide: Light Jets
Cessna CitationJet (CJ1, 5 Seats) The CJ1 is a very versatile light jet which can easily operate in and out of a wide range of smaller regional airports with ease, and at altitudes up to 41,000ft, well above the worst of the weather.
Cabin Width 4ft 11 inches (1.50m)
Cabin Height 4 ft 9 inches(1.44m)
Cabin Length 11ft (3.35m)
Baggage Capacity 58 ft3 (2.09 m3)
Cessna CitationJet 2 (CJ2, 6 Seats) The CJ2 is the larger sistership to the excellent CJ1, offering comfortable seating for up to 6 passengers. It is a useful alternative for those wanting to travel further afield.
Cabin Width 4ft 11 inches (1.50mm)
Cabin Height 4ft 9 inches (1.44m)
Cabin Length 14ft (4.2m)
Baggage Capacity 74 ft3 (2.1 m3)
Cessna CitationJet 3 (CJ3, 6-7 Seats) The next in the CitationJet line, this increasingly popular aircraft is a larger, more powerful, and more advanced successor to its two earlier cousins.
Cabin Width 4ft 10 inches (1.47 m)
Cabin Height 4ft 9 inches (1.45 m)
Cabin Length 15ft 8 inches (4.78 m)
Baggage Capacity 65 ft3 (1.84 m3)
Typical Range 2,070 nm
Cessna CitationJet 4 (CJ4, 9 passengers) This very new aircraft is at the cutting edge of the Cessna CitationJet line, delivering superior perfomance for its class, and outstanding comfort.
Cabin Width 4ft 10 inches (1.47 m)
Cabin Height 4ft 9 inches (1.45 m)
Cabin Length 17 ft 4 in (5.28 m)
Baggage Capacity 77 ft3 (2.18 m3)
Typical Range 2,192 nm
Citation Bravo (7-8 Passengers) The replacement for the older Citation II, this very useful and affordable aircraft has excellent take-off and landing performance, making it perfect for the smaller runways that heavier aircraft cannot use.
Cabin Width 4ft 10 inches (1.49 m)
Cabin Height 4ft 8 inches (1.43 m)
Cabin Length 16ft (4.88 m)
Baggage Capacity 73.81 ft3 (2.09 m3)
Typical Range 1,387 nm
Raytheon Premier 1 (6-7 Passengers) The Premier 1 is a quite incredible light jet, featuring an excellent large cabin, of a size which one would normally expect in a mid sized jet. It can cruise at altitudes of up to 41,000ft, well above the majority of bad weather; and with a super fast cruise speed of 530mph, it will get you quickly to your destination in comfort and style.
Cabin Width 5ft 6 inches (1.68m)
Cabin Height 5ft 5 inches (1.65m)
Cabin Length 13ft 6 inches (4.11m)
Baggage Capacity 76 ft3 (2.15m3)
Typical Range 1,460 nm
Hawker 400 XP(R) This is an especially efficient aircraft, with a clever cabin design, giving an unusually spacious feel in this class. It offers a fine combination of comfort, speed and performance.
Cabin Width 4 ft 11 inches (1.50 m)
Cabin Height 4 ft 9 inches (1.45 m)
Cabin Length 15 ft 6 inches (4.72 m)
Baggage Capacity 40 ft3 (1.13m3)
Typical Range 1,170 nm

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