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Aircraft Guide: Turboprops
Piper Seneca (4-5 Seats) The Piper Seneca is a very useful twin piston engined light aircraft which can operate in and out of fairly small regional airfields with ease. Maximum cruise speed: 170kts.
Cabin Width 4ft 1 inch (1.24m)
Cabin Height 4ft 1 inch (1.24m)
Cabin Length 0ft 5 inches (3.17m)
Baggage Capacity 32.6ft3 (0.91m3)
Maximum Cruising Range 620nm
Piper Navajo (Chieftain) (6-8 Seats) The Navajo is an excellent twin piston engined aircraft. It can operate in and out of smaller airfields, and remains very economical for trips within the UK and Europe.
Cabin Width 3ft 7 inches (1.1m)
Cabin Height 4ft 2 inches (1.29m)
Cabin Length 11ft 2 inches (3.4m)
Baggage Capacity 33.9ft3 (0.96m3)
Maximum Range 1209nm
Diamond DA-42 Twin Star (4 Seats) The DA-42 Twin Star is very modern twin-engined light aircraft. It incorporates state-of-the-art avionics (aircraft instruments), which help to enhance the pilot's situational awareness, and, ultimately, safety. It has a fairly small but comfortable cabin, and an excellent normal cruise speed of 180kts.
Cabin Width 4ft 1 inch (1.24m)
Cabin Height 4ft 2 inches (1.27m)
Cabin Length 8ft 6 inches (2.59m)
Baggage Capacity 57ft3 (1.61m3)
Typical Range 710nm

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