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Aircraft Guide: Helicopters
Eurocopter EC120(B) (4-5 Passenger Seats) The EC120 is an excellent, single-engined helicopter that incorporates the very latest in modern technology. It has the largest luggage compartment in its class, together with excellent visibilty for both its crew and its passengers. In the ‘corporate’ configuration, the EC120B transports passengers in surprising roominess and comfort. Travellers will appreciate the ample leg room, and the air-conditioned environment.
Cabin Width 4ft 5 inches (1.25m)
Maximum Load 718kg
Maximum Speed 172mph
Baggage Capacity 30ft3 (0.83m3)
Maximum Range 340nm
Eurocopter Single Squirrel AS-350 (4-6 Passenger Seats) The Single Squirrel is one of the most widely used and successful 4-5 seat helicopters of all time. It is a fast, safe and reliable machine with comfortable seating and excellent visibility. The Squirrel range of aircraft has completed more than 13 million flying hours worldwide.
Cabin Width 6ft 1 in (1.87m)
Maximum Load 1,030kg
Maximum Cruise Speed 160mph
Baggage Capacity 35.3ft3 (1m3)
Typial Range 344nm
Eurocopter Twin Squirrel AS-355 (4-6 Passenger Seats) This twin-engined aircraft incorporates all of the excellent features of its single engined sister ship; additionally, its second engine enables it to operate at night. The Twin Squirrel is normally IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) equipped, and is probably the most competitively priced twin-engined aircraft available.
Cabin Width 6ft 1 in (1.87m)
Maximum Load 1,123kg
Maximum Cruise Speed 138mph
Baggage Capacity 35.3ft3 (1m3)
Maximum Range 395nm
Eurocopter EC135 (6-7 Passenger Seats) The EC135 twin-engined helicopter has been one of the best selling aircraft of the past few years. It has a large and comfortable cabin, and is used as a police helicopter; an air ambulance; and as a superb executive means of transport. The EC135 is certified for instrument flight rules (IFR) operation, enabling it to operate in poor weather.
Cabin Width 5ft 1 inch (1.55m)
Maximum Load 1,327kg
Maximum Cruise Speed 157mph
Baggage Capacity 173ft3 (4.9m3)
Maximum Range 3.42nm
Agusta 109 (6-7 Passenger Seats) The Agusta 109 is truly superb high-performance twin-engined helicopter which remains the fastest civilian helicopter currently in production.
Cabin Width 5ft 4 inches (1.61m)
Maximum Load 1,300kg
Maximum Cruise Speed 177mph
Baggage Capacity 33.5ft3 (0.94m3)
Maximum Range 512nm
Eurocopter AS-365 Dauphin (11-12 Passenger Seats) From city centre heliport to the construction site, the twin engined AS365 is renowned for its versatility and high performance. With well proven technology and a fleet family that has logged millions of flight hours, the Dauphin is one of the safest helicopters in its class.
Cabin Width 6ft 2 inches (1.90m)
Maximum Load 1,890kg
Maximum Cruise Speed 166mph
Baggage Capacity 38.8ft3 (1.1m3)
Maximum Range 427nm
Sikorsky S-76 / S-92 (6-16 Passenger Seats) The Sikorsky S-76 is one of the largest and most luxurious of civilian helicopters. This fast and reliable machine is the large VIP helicopter of choice. The similarly luxurious, and even larger S-92 offers a remarkable 16 passenger seats, or extremely spacious VIP configurations.
Cabin Width 6ft 3 inches (1.93m)
Maximum Load 2,037kg
Maximum Cruise Speed 178mph
Baggage Capacity 38ft3 (1.08m3)
Maximum Range 441nm

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