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Aircraft Guide: VIP Airliners
British Aerospace 146 The BAe 146 ‘whisper jet’ is a four-engined regional airliner, which in standard configuration seats between 85 and 112 passengers. In the VIP configuration, the 146 would usually seat 77 passengers in sumptuous leather seating. This superb aircraft is well known for its extremely quiet cabin. Its range is 1,600 statute miles.
Boeing 757 VIP Based on the Boeing 757-200, which would typically seat up to 237 passengers, the Boeing 757 VIP can seat between 50 and 100 passengers in total comfort, whilst offering a good range: 4600 statute miles (with 9.5hrs endurance), subject to payload.
Boeing 767 VIP Based on the wide-bodied, twin-aisled long-haul Boeing 767-300, which would typically set up to 320 passengers, The 767 VIP really does offer the ultimate in executive global travel, with seating for between 50 and 100 passengers, and a range of up to 7,100 statute miles (with 15hrs endurance), subject to payload.
Airbus A319CJ Based on the standard A319 aircraft, which is part of Airbus' wonderful A320 range, the A319CJ would usually seat between 10 and 34 passengers in absolute luxury. The aircraft has a range of up to 7,200 statute miles with 10 passengers; or of 12 hours non-stop from Europe to the Far East, Caribbean or United States with up to 34 passengers (28 sleeping). The 319CJ is the aircraft of choice for heads of state, royalty, business leaders and members of the entertainment industry.
Boeing Business Jet BBJ/BBJ2 The Boeing Business Jet is based on the superb Boeing 737-700/800 airframe. Its main cabin interiors can be configured according to customer preference: a typical configuration includes a crew rest area, forward lounge, private suite with double bed and private bathroom facilities including shower, 12 first class sleeper seats at four abreast and 152cm (60in) pitch, and rear galley and bathroom facilities. Alternatively, the rear cabin can seat 24 passengers at two abreast, and feature a conference area or exercise gym; or up to 63 passengers at six abreast. The aircraft has a range of up to 7,100 statute miles, subject to configuration.

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